construct.gif (2069 bytes)The Puppy Page

GReddy-the old shop mascot GReddy (as a puppy)

Gracie guarding the Snap-On truckGracie guarding the Snap-On truck Gracie (shop guard dog)

GReddy and Brembo's first litterThe first litter (Tuner is at the top) Sparco from the second litter The second litter when we brought them to the shop

Tuner and MOMO in Audra's office chair MOMO with her ViS Racing Sports shirt on Tuner being curious Brembo laying in a Sparco seat watching the front hallway

Brembo and Tuner sleeping in a chair in Shawn's officeCloseup of Brembo sleeping in a chair in Shawn's office Tuner zonked out at the houseTuner sleeping on the couch

PIAA sleeping behind Shawn's Power Mac in his office (always unplugging the network cable) Dogs on the beanbag Tuner sleeping on Shawn's lap

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