Closeup of GReddy Airinx S-type filtration system Airinx Air Filtration System

In this closeup you can see the GReddy Airinx S-type air filtration system used on the Prelude. The tube was custom made and is chrome plated. A Cyberdyne digital intake air temperature sensor sending unit is mounted at the opposite end of the intake directly before the throttle body to give an accurate gauge of the air temperature being ingested by the motor. An Optima 800U resides in place of the original battery an helps to stabilize the electronic system as well as provide increased current capability. Esoteric Audio (aka Streetwires) 24k gold plated solid brass connectors are used so there is a minimal amount of voltage drop from the connections. The Soundstream SCB80 circuit breaker can be seen at the top of the picture and is the safety system for current that leads to the rear of the car for the extensive audio system.

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