Project Cars-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS turbocharged (fully built)

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Block ready for cylinder headBlock ready for cylinder headCylinder head ready with oversize valvesCylinder head ready with oversize valvesCylinder head ready with oversize valves
Crower camshafts installedCrower camshafts installedCrower camshafts installedCylinder head installed

Torquing pulley to specificationTorquing pulley to specificationTiming belt, pulleys, and tensioners installedExhaust side of engine before turbo manifold installationIntake side of engine before intake manifold installationMissing link installed on intake manifoldIntake manifold installed and high flow throttle bodyStar turbo manifold installedTransmission installed

Engine view after reinstallation into chassisEngine view after reinstallation into chassisSide view of Turbonetics turbochargerCloseup of Turbonetics turbocharger
Engine side view in chassisEngine side view in chassis and intercooler piping routingEngine view and intercooler and piping viewRear quarter viewSide view of car with bumper removed

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