AEM Cold Air Intake Systems for Nissan 350Z

When it comes to intake systems, everyone knows that AEM is the best.  Both a Cold Air and Short Ram version are available.  The cold air is routed down, just outside the frame rail, to the enclosed area just behind the headlight assembly in order to suck in colder air.  The short ram essentially just replaces the airbox with a larger air filter and piping.  The Cold Air version only fits vehicles with manual transmissions.

By looking at the dyno plot, it looks like the system will increase RWHP by about 7.5 hp, and increases torque by about 5  You can also expect a much more aggressive sound coming from the engine bay under WOT.   Email us with any questions. 

Cold Air Unit: MSRP: $331.41 - our price - $275.00 shipped
Short Ram Unit: MSRP: $218.69 - our price - $172.00 shipped



Additional Products from AEM

Air Bypass Filter
MSRP: $61.23 - Our Price: $49.95 shipped

Replacement Filter
MSRP $53.69 - Our Price: $44.95 shipped

Recharge Kit
MSRP: $10.31 - Our Price: $9.95 shipped

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