AP Big Brake Kits for Nissan 350Z

AP Racing 4 piston, one piece rotor (13" cross-drilled and slotted rotors).  As you move up to this stage, you will need larger wheels to accommodate the larger rotors and calipers.  This kit utilizes an AP Racing 4 piston caliper and a one piece slotted and drilled and cadmium plated rotor.  Most 17" and larger wheels will accommodate this kit, check with us for offsets and backspacing required.  A dramatic improvement in braking with an economical price tag.  Actual product may vary slightly from image.

AP solid rotor with black caliper Solid Rotor/Black Caliper

AP solid rotor with red caliper Solid Rotor/Red Caliper

We are offering the latest technological advancements from AP Racing; with the recent release of the all-new CP7040 family of 6-Piston calipers and 363mm (14.25") high performance two piece rotors.  Originally developed to meet the stringent standards of Select OE manufacturers building high performance vehicles.  The new AP3700 Big Brake Kit offers lightweight 6-Piston aluminum alloy calipers with massive 14.25" two piece rotors incorporating the latest in curve vane cooling technology.  This kit will also fit within the OE 18" touring and Track model wheels.  Now you can posses some of the same advanced brake technology found in IRL, NASCAR, WRC, and Formula 1.

Two-piece Rotor/Black Caliper

Two-piece Rotor/Red Caliper


Solid Rotor/Black Caliper    MSRP $1995.00    Our Price $1895.00
Solid Rotor/Red Caliper    MSRP $1995.00    Our Price $1895.00

Two-piece Rotor/Black Caliper    MSRP $TBA    Our Price $TBA
Two-piece Rotor/Red Caliper    MSRP $TBA    Our Price $TBA

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