HKS Products for Nissan 350Z/G35 sedan

Coilover System

HKS Hipermax LS coilover kits are built from the same core components as the Hipermax Damper II coilovers but are tuned and valved for touring characteristics.  The Hipermax LS are specifically designed for "Luxury-Sport Sedans" where improved handling characteristics are achieved while maintaining a desirable ride comfort.  Hipermax LS coilover kits are threaded shock body units that utilize aluminum spring perchs for full ride height adjustability (ideal to lower or raise height for various wheel sizes).   Each kit also comes with upper pillowball mounts for improved steering response and secure mounting of the spring to the coilover.  These systems do not have adjustable valving, but will provide better handling and reduced bounciness.  (see specs below)

350Z LS coilover kit

Infiniti G35 sedan         part # 80070-AN002     List $1865.00    Special Price $1575.00
Nissan 350Z                 part # 80070-AN003     List $1965.00    Special Price $1660.00

Specification Notes

350Z - spring rate (front: 78Nm or 8K   rear: 78Nm or 8K) preload adjustable -20mm +30mm
            damping rate (front: 2530N x.1m/520sec or 258kgf x.1m/53sec   rear: 716N x.1m/186sec or 73kgf x.1m/19sec)
            height (front: -.14mm   rear: -.14mm) total adjustment 250mm

G35 sedan - spring rate (front: 78Nm or 8K   rear: 60Nm or 6K) preload adjustable -20mm +30mm
                      damping rate (front: 4057N x.1m/477sec or 414kgf x.1m/49sec   rear: 726N x.1m/140sec or 74kgf x.1m/14sec)
                      height (front: -.20mm   rear: -.18mm) total adjustment 250mm


Intake System

HKS is currently working on a Super Mega Flow intake system that should be available around late spring.  HKS's unique high performance Super Mega Flow air filter system kits, the same systems used on their world-record holding pro competition vehicles, offer an optimal balance of air filtration and increased airflow for maximum performance and protection.  This vehicle specific kit offers bolt-on installation ease and come complete with all necessary parts for installation.  So far they are finding that the airflow sensor is very sensitive and can send the car into failsafe mode if the intake system is not constructed properly.

HKS Super Mega Flow inner structure
HKS Super Mega Flow structure
HKS Super Mega Flow cross section

part# TBA    List $ TBA


Exhaust System

HKS introduces their exhaust systems for the 350Z and G35 sedan.  There is a rear section system based on their Sport muffler with dual tips.  HKS Sport Exhaust Systems utilize a specific muffler design and piping diameter to reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow for greater peak power and a broader torque band without sacrificing low-end torque.

G35 sedan    part# 32008-BN001    List $495    SPECIAL: Free freight in continental U.S.
350Z              part# TBA                     List $TBA    


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