Other Products for Nissan 350Z/G35 sedan

350Z Custom Camera Mount by Street Sports

Custom Street Sports camera mountSide view of custom Street Sports camera mountBase of custom Street Sports camera mount

Welded Steel Camera Mount.....silver or black standard paint $75.00
                                                  .....painted to match car's paint $125.00


350Z Custom Polished Intake Plenum by Street Sports

Custom polished intake manifoldCustom polished intake manifoldCustom polished intake manifoldComparison of stock and custom polished intake manifolds

Custom Polished Intake Plenum......$call


350Z Custom Painted Engine Cover by Street Sports

Custom painted engine cover.  JIC Magic carbon fiber strut tower brace

Custom Painted Engine Cover......painted to match car's paint $call


Windshield Logo by Street Sports

Street Sports windshield logo Street Sports logo on front windshield

Windshield Logo......many colors available.. $call


350Z Picture

Special Purchase $15.00  (available framed also for $30.00)


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