StopTech Big Brake Kits for Nissan 350Z

StopTech announces a series of brake upgrade kits for the 2003 Nissan 350Z as the latest addition to its line of Balanced Brake upgrades. StopTech has released two front-upgrade systems and a four-wheel upgrade for the 350Z. StopTech offers a 332x32mm front upgrade that works with the stock 7-spoke 17-inch wheel. For customers with the 18-inch performance wheels or the 18-inch Track wheels StopTech has a 355x32 front kit. Each front kit includes floating directional rotors with 7075 T6 billet Aluminum directional hats, front DOT compliant stainless steel brake lines and four piston ST40 calipers with AXXIS Ultimate high performance brake pads. Each front kit is balanced with the stock rear system to provide optimum stopping distances and better pedal modulation than other upgrades.

The four wheel brake system includes a pair of 355x32mm front and a pair of 355x32mm rear, high performance AeroRotors® with directional billet aluminum hats, four, four piston StopTech ST40 calipers, caliper adapter brackets, high performance brake pads and stainless steel DOT compliant braided brake lines for front and rear. The StopTech 350Z four-wheel kit is a direct bolt on replacement of the stock system and is compatible with the OE drum parking brake and vehicle's master cylinder.

The two-piece StopTech AeroRotor® assembly includes a floating hat system that resists coning during heating and cooling cycles. The patent pending directional hats induces more airflow over the outer surface of the rotors, providing additional cooling, improving overall system performance, and extending pad life.

The ST40 Caliper features a patented bridge that makes the caliper up to two times stiffer than similar designs.

The StopTech Nissan 350Z balanced brake upgrade maintains optimum front to rear brake torque balance and is compatible with the stock master cylinder. StopTech achieves optimum front to rear balance by sizing the caliper pistons specifically for the 350Z versus other systems that use off the shelf calipers designed for different platforms. Benefits of balanced brake systems are shorter stopping distances, better brake pedal modulation and less pedal travel.

StopTech big brake kit shown on an Audi S4

StopTech big brake system

  $1995.00   -   Item No. 83-646-4600*

The retail price for the Nissan 350Z 4 wheel Brake System: $4995. The retail price for the Nissan 332 350Z upgrade is $1995. The retail price for the front only 355 350Z upgrade is $2595."  No cost options- drilled or slotted rotors and red or black painted calipers.  Email us for additional information on these kits.  *Plus actual shipping costs

StopTech stainless steel brake line kits.  Increase the stopping power of your 350Z by increasing line delivery pressure of the brake fluid.  The OEM rubber lines can expand reducing pressure to the caliper resulting in a loss of braking power.  Over time this gets worse as the rubber lines soften.  These line upgrades will stop this from happening and will result in faster reaction time of the brakes when the brake pedal is pushed, reducing the distance required to stop the vehicle.

Front line set - $96.00 - Item # 85-646-4500
Rear line set - $77.00 - Item # 85-646-5500

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