Top Secret for Nissan 350Z

Top Secret

Front Lip/Diffuser

Top Secret has incorporated a small hole for easy oil changes.  Carbon Fiber shown below, FRP construction available.
Price: $792.00 (Carbon Fiber) or $572.00 (FRP)

Carbon Fiber front diffuser
Carbon fiber front diffuser
Side closeup of carbon fiber air diffuser


Front Bumper

Top Secret FRP front bumper.
Price: $980.00


Side Skirts

Top Secret FRP side skirts.
Price: $858.00



Top Secret carbon fiber vented hood.
Price: $1295.00


GT2 Wing

Top Secret carbon fiber wing generates the most proper down force on the high speed circuit driving.  Easy 6 steps of angle adjustment.  Carbon Fiber shown below, FRP construction available.  (Drilling is required).
Price: $1518.00 (Carbon Fiber) or $1188.00 (FRP)

GT2 carbon wing mounted on 350Z


Stainless SUS & Titanium Headers 

Stainless SUS exhaust manifolds are 42mm.    Pricing: $2640.00
Titanium available by special order.    Pricing: $3799.00

Stainless SUS headers Stainless SUS headers shown


Titanium Intermediate Y-Pipe

Intermediate pipe "Y" 60mmx2 to 80mm.  Cat-back system works with stock catalysts on JDM vehicle* Can be installed with stock or Top Secret Titanium exhaust system.  Pricing: $748.00

Titanium Y-Pipe installed on 350Z

*US vehicle fitment information coming soon. 


Titanium Exhaust System

Titanium Exhaust system weight only 5.5kg vs 32kg stock (1/4 of weight reduction). System has 80-115mm piping and produces 8HP-up.  Pricing: $1760.00

Titanium exhaust for 350ZTitanium exhaust installed on 350Z

*US vehicle fitment information coming soon. 


 Email us for specific pricing and availability details.

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