Amuse Exhaust System for Nissan 350Z

Initial Dyno reports show it is well worthwhile at an 11HP gain (most manufacturers exhaust are actually losing HP.)  Dyno Sheet.  The AMUSE systems have long been heralded as the best in the business in Japan.  Just look at the picture, and the quality of the piece jumps right out at you.  The exhaust weighs only 8.7kgs.  The piping size is 76.3mm with twin 115mm tips exiting the rear. There are some fitment issues with twin canister exhaust designs on U.S. spec vehicles.  We are currently engineering a retrofit to sell to individuals who may not be able to have the systems installed at our facility.

Pricing:  $2250.00 shipped.*  Call or email us for availability, details and ordering.  *The y-pipe is NOT included (see below).  Rear section only.

Amuse R1 Titan titanium exhaust system (bottom view)

Amuse R1 Titan titanium exhaust system installed on new 350Z

NOTES:  After Amuse made the exhaust for the 350Z and had dynoed it, they decided to build a y-pipe that would remove the catalytic converters on the vehicle in order to test the restriction caused by them.  Although a big jump in power resulted, the car runs very lean.  As such, Amuse will not offer the y-pipe until they can come up with a fuel enrichment system to go with it.  Also, keep in mind that this y-pipe also removes the catalytic converters from the vehicle making it illegal to drive on public roads and highways.  Until then, we can only recommend using the Top Secret y-pipe.

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